Applied Graphene Materials plc

Tomorrow’s material. Today.

Applied Graphene Materials works in partnership with its customers using its knowledge and expertise to provide custom graphene dispersions and formats to deliver enhancements and benefits for a wide range of applications. The Group's strategy is to target commercial applications in three core markets: coatings, composites and polymers plus functional fluids.

The Group has developed proprietary bottom-up processes which are capable of producing high-volume graphene nanoplatelets using a continuous process. The manufacturing processes are based on sustainable, readily available raw materials and therefore do not rely on the supply of graphite. Applied Graphene Materials owns the intellectual property and know-how behind these processes.

Applied Graphene Materials was founded in 2010 with its operations and processes based on technology that Professor Karl Coleman initially developed at Durham University.


Our expertise

Applied Graphene Materials has the expertise to disperse graphene in a variety of solid matrices and solutions.

        Our manufacturing process:

  • produces high quality graphene nanoplatelets
  • uses sustainable, readily available raw materials
  • does not require a substrate
  • is free from heavy metals
  • is scalable and continuous
  • is protected with patent applications

       Our dispersal expertise:

  • optimally translates the properties of the graphene to augment the bulk material
  • tailors the incorporation of graphene to customers’ processes and materials in a non-disruptive manner
  • produces uniform and stable dispersions
Last updated on 20 October 2020