Paints and coatings

Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited for use as multi-functional additives in paints and coatings.

AGM has developed graphene nanoplatelet dispersions specifically optimised for paints and coatings applications. Graphene additives for paints and coatings deliver exciting properties; by incorporating optimised dispersions, AGM is enabling formulators to easily innovate and realise the real benefits of graphene.

Graphene additives for paints and coatings

How do AGMs Graphene Nanoplatelets work?

AGM is proud to offer graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that are safe to handle and easily stirred into new and existing coatings systems to provide a range of performance-enhancing benefits. Across our product ranges, we offer different types graphene nanoplatelets. These vary in surface morphology, oxygen content and the number atomic layers, but they typically have a thickness between 1 to 10nm with 1-25µm lateral platelet diameter. This gives aspect ratios up to 1:1000 and surface areas up to 700m2/g.

With the correct incorporation, graphene nanoplatelets have the potential to significantly enhance an array of properties, including mechanical, barrier, thermal, lubricating and electrical performance in new and existing industrial systems.

Industry Applications

Graphene Dispersion Range Overview

Genable 1000 series 

A range of reduced graphene oxide nanoplatelet dispersions

Additives to enhance barrier and anti-corrosion in synergy with existing active ingredients as well as offering positive performance enhancements in polymer composite applications

Genable 1200 series 

A range of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions

Extremely high performance additives to enhance barrier performance at very low active loading levels

Genable 1400 series  

A range of reduced graphene oxide nanoplatelet dispersions

Cost-effective additives to enhance barrier performance especially in synergy with active ingredients

Genable 1700 series  

An optimised range of sustainable graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that will improve the sustainability of your products without compromising on performance.

Genable 2000 series 

Unique dual action enhanced passivation and barrier performance for aluminium substrates

Genable 3000 series 

Second generation active, non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives with industry leading performance

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As a growing global manufacturer of graphene dispersions for the paints and coatings sector, AGM is a proud member of the British Coatings Federation and the American Coatings Association.

If you what to learn more about how our graphene nanoplatelets work and the performance benefits that can be achieved, visit our Knowledge Hub.

Graphene-based anti-corrosion additives for paints and coatings