Introducing the NEW Genable 1700 Series of eco-friendly graphene dispersions.

A graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical additives that will improve the sustainability of your products without compromising on performance.

Graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical additives

How do UMs Graphene Nanoplatelets work?

UM is proud to offer graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that are safe to handle and easily stirred into new and existing coatings systems to provide a range of performance enhancing benefits. Across our product ranges, we offer different types of graphene nanoplatelets. These vary in surface morphology, oxygen content and the number atomic layers, but they typically have a thickness of between 1 to 10nm with 1-25µm lateral platelet diameter. This gives aspect ratios up to 1:1000 and surface areas up to 700m2/g.

With the correct incorporation, graphene nanoplatelets have the potential to significantly enhance an array of properties including mechanical, barrier and lubricating performance in new and existing systems.

Genable 1700 dispersions offer a graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical additives.

Choose a more sustainable option with a graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative

UM’s new 1700 series of environmentally-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions is based on the Company’s well-established Genable technology.

Proven to deliver significant performance uplifts such as chemical resistance, barrier and anti-corrosion properties in protective coating systems and mechanical performance gains in composite matrices, UM’s dispersion technology is the key enabler to benefitting from graphene’s intrinsic characteristics.

Graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical additives

Genable 1700 dispersions are available for sampling evaluation in a selection of certified solvents and resins, including Cyrene™ (dihydrolevoglucosenone), an award-winning, biorenewable solvent from Circa Group.

By taking a leading role in delivering graphene in sustainable formats is helping UM’s customers to reduce the environmental impact of their products

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Low VOC, Bio-based and environmentally friendly graphene-based additives for better performing materials.

Genable 1700 Series of Graphene Dispersions

Genable 1700 Series

An optimised range of sustainable graphene nanoplatelet dispersions

DescriptionMatrix Technical Data Sheet
Genable BIO 1710CyreneTM*Download TDS
Genable BIO 1711CyreneTM* Download TDS
Genable BIO 1720Biobased Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable BIO 1721Biobased Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable BIO 1730Biobased Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable BIO 1731Biobased Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable 1740Solvent Free Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable 1741Solvent Free Epoxy ResinDownload TDS
Genable 1750Solvent-Free Hydroxy Functional PolyesterDownload TDS
Genable 1751Solvent-Free Hydroxy Functional PolyesterDownload TDS
Genable 1760T-Butyl AcetateDownload TDS
Genable 1761T-Butyl AcetateDownload TDS

* A trademark of Circa Group

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Offering over a decade of experience, the latest lab technology and the stringent environmental controls required to handle graphene powder, UM is now the partner of choice for many when it comes to bringing their graphene-based product to market.

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Low VOC, Bio-based and environmentally friendly graphene-based additives for better performing materials.