Thermal Adhesives

GNP’s two-dimensional graphitic nature in nanoplatelet form can be employed to develop very light-weight and highly-thermal conductive materials.

AGM offers two series of thermal paste adhesive materials.

Typical properties include:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very low density
  • Stable from agglomeration and sedimentation (as supplied)
  • Ease of application and mixing
  • Good adhesion and lap shear properties
  • Long shelf life (12 months)

TP series

AGM’s TP series materials are supplied for applications into the Space and Defence sectors.  These novel epoxy adhesive systems exhibit high levels of thermal conductivity (between 3 and 6 W/mK), combined with excellent mechanical, adhesive and outgassing performance. Most significantly these properties are achieved with cured resin densities as low as 40% that of competitive conductive adhesives on the market. Released against qualification data, these materials are highly versatile, while providing end users with significant savings in both mass and cost.

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
AGM TP300Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener)Download TDS
AGM TP400Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener)Download TDS

Genable® 4000 series

AGM’s Genable® 4000 series materials are ideal for thermally conductive applications, either used directly as a paste gap filling system, or as a base masterbatch additive for other formulated systems. They can be used within formulations for bonding, potting, sealing and encapsulation in Industrial, Electronics and Automotive components.

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
Genable® 4300Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener)Download TDS
Genable® 4400Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener)Download TDS

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