Research Engineer

As its very first employee, Bob joined the Company (originally Durham Graphene Science) in 2012 as a part-time Process Engineer to oversee the technical input, as production moved from the Durham University labs into industrial scale.

Bob managed a team of process engineers as the Company grew, before becoming a Research Engineer to support the ongoing development within AGM’s Technical and Operations departments. Working on new and improved processes, Bob admits he is still learning at 64!

While there are too many highlights to mention, Bob is proud to have finally worked on a project in which every aspect is “new”. Having spent 30 years in larger companies which often shy away from this, AGM continues to innovate more than 10 years on!

Bob’s proudest achievement outside of work is being part of a fostering family, providing both short term care for children until they are placed in permanent adoption, as well as long term respite care for children with complex medical needs.

As a keen biker of nearly 50 years, Bob is also proud to have survived almost daily motorcycle journeys!

Operations Manager

As part of the management team, Tyrone plays pivotal role at the heart of the business as AGM expands its production capabilities and scales up to meet the growing commercial demand for its graphene products.

Having played rugby union for 25 years, Tyrone appreciates the importance of having the right players in the right roles. Using that experience, he has built a strong team within an operational structure that underpins the Company’s focus on quality control, assurance and health and safety.

Technical Director

William has over 30 years’ experience in the chemical industry and has served as a senior R&D executive with international experience across a number of sectors, including coatings, adhesives and composites.

Prior to joining AGM, he was Vice President of Technology & Strategy for Nuplex Industries with responsibility for innovation, technology strategy and intellectual property. In this role he led developments for both coating and composite applications, frequently collaborating with major developers such as Akzo Nobel, Sherwin Williams, Nipsea and AOC. Previous appointments include roles with Akzo Nobel Resins, Resinous Chemicals Ltd and Ciba Geigy.

Besides degrees in chemistry and polymer science William is also a Member of the Institute of Directors and serves on the committee of the Management Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Supply Chain and Sales Office Manager

Marie manages all of the Supply Chain and Sales Office functions at AGM.

Marie is really proud of the hard work and determination that everyone shows at AGM to ensure the company becomes a real success story, which plays an important role in each customer’s new product launch.

Outside of work Marie enjoys bike rides and walking in the hills with her young family. 

Marie has now completed the second year of her Chartered Management degree in Business Management, and is looking forward to completing her third year and making a difference with the implementation of the work-based project.

Research and Development Manager

Lynn is Research & Development Manager at AGM and leads a team of nine scientists and technologists. This team is responsible for the successful delivery of technical projects, customer collaborative projects and small scale customer samples. 

She’s most proud of seeing projects that have gone from being an idea to fully commercial systems that are available on the market. Outside of work her children make her proud every day, and Lynn is also involved in community projects in her home country, Zimbabwe. 

Business Development Manager – USA

John looks after our sales in North America. He is most proud of AGM’s ground-breaking technology and our great people! 

John’s proudest achievement is raising three sons who have all now became engineers with their own great families including seven grandchildren. Out of work he likes to visit those grandchildren, travelling to the US and Europe and a spot of gardening.

Commercial Director

Andy is AGM’s Commercial Director. Andy joined AGM early in 2018 having worked in the coating and polymer industry in both technical and sales management roles.

What makes Andy proud? “Our determination to succeed, we are a small team here at AGM, but it is truly amazing what we can achieve with hard work and commitment.”

Andy’s proudest achievement is managing to successfully pass his executive MBA, although the award itself is an accomplishment what he feels is the real triumph is getting through it while still holding down a full time job and still having his family talking to him at the end.

Applications & Industries

Our graphene and graphene dispersions are ideal for use across a number of applications and industries.

They can enhance existing products and enable higher performance across paints and coatings, batteries and energy storage, polymer composites and lubricants, waxes and polishes.

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Sustainable Graphene Applications

Sustainable Graphene Applications

Introducing the NEW Genable 1700 Series of eco-friendly graphene dispersions. A graphene-based environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical additives that will improve the sustainability of your products without compromising on performance.…

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Car Care

Car Care

Car Care The addition of graphene into car care systems has significantly enhanced the properties of waxes, polishes and detailing products. The large surface area, barrier performance, low density, mechanical strength…

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Paints and coatings

Paints and coatings

Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited for use as multi-functional additives in paints and coatings.

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Polymers and composites

Polymers and composites

Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high performance, high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited to enhancing the mechanical and physical properties…

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Thermal Adhesives

Thermal Adhesives

A-GNP’s two-dimensional graphitic nature in nanoplatelet form can be employed to develop very light-weight and highly-thermal conductive materials.

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Lubricants and functional fluids

Lubricants and functional fluids

AGM have signed a Joint Development Agreement with German based oil company PURAGLOBE GmbH. Since entering into a formal JDA, PURAGLOBE and AGM have been collaborating to understand how AGM’s…

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