Bob Sievert

Research Engineer

As its very first employee, Bob joined the Company (originally Durham Graphene Science) in 2012 as a part-time Process Engineer to oversee the technical input, as production moved from the Durham University labs into industrial scale.

Bob managed a team of process engineers as the Company grew, before becoming a Research Engineer to support the ongoing development within AGM’s Technical and Operations departments. Working on new and improved processes, Bob admits he is still learning at 64!

While there are too many highlights to mention, Bob is proud to have finally worked on a project in which every aspect is “new”. Having spent 30 years in larger companies which often shy away from this, AGM continues to innovate more than 10 years on!

Bob’s proudest achievement outside of work is being part of a fostering family, providing both short term care for children until they are placed in permanent adoption, as well as long term respite care for children with complex medical needs.

As a keen biker of nearly 50 years, Bob is also proud to have survived almost daily motorcycle journeys!