Applied Graphene Materials plc

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Company history

About us

Applied Graphene Materials works in partnership with its customers using its proprietary “bottom up” process for the production of high specification graphene. Applied Graphene Materials owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. Our expertise is in dispersion and product integration to enable solutions for a wide range of applications.

We believe that the commercial value of graphene lies in the ability to transfer its intrinsic properties into other materials, thus creating higher value materials and products which possess specifically enhanced characteristics. As a disruptive technology, graphene has the potential to replace or enhance the performance of existing materials in a wide range of applications and sectors.

Company history

Applied Graphene Materials was founded by professor Karl Coleman in 2010, with its operations and processes based on technology that he initially  developed at Durham University.

With investment from IP Group, North East Technology Fund and North East POC Fund, Applied Graphene Materials recruited an experienced management team who established a commercial-scale production facility at the Wilton Centre in Redcar, capable of producing high purity graphene using their proprietary, patented process.

Following commissioning of this production facility, Applied Graphene Materials subsequently commenced engagement with commercial partners to develop applications for graphene.

Applied Graphene Materials was admitted to AIM in November 2013 under the stock ticker symbol 'AGM', and expanded its infrastructure to be able to exploit its technology on a global basis. The Company raised additional capital via secondary placings in 2015 and 2017 to be able to invest further in order to satisfy anticipated demand.