Applied Graphene Materials

AGM is a world leader in the production of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions

We are the market leader in the development, production and application of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions. Using patent-protected manufacturing processes and industry-leading technical knowledge and experience, we offer innovative thinking to create graphene-based dispersions to enable customers to develop products that realise the true performance benefits of graphene.

Our proprietary technology has enabled us to create a range of graphene nanoplatelets which are sustainable and free from heavy metals. Working in partnership with customers we are able to offer our experience, knowledge and expertise to provide both standard and custom graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that deliver significant performance enhancements in existing and new industrial systems. This enables our customers to generate real added value innovative products in a wide range of applications.

Whether it with our “off-the-shelf” Genable dispersions or with a bespoke graphene-based product, AGMs customers has proven industrial uses in applications in paints and coatings, batteries and energy storage, polymer composites and lubricants and car waxes and polishes.