What makes our graphene different?

AGM’s graphene is different because we create it in a unique way. Using our exclusive, patent-protected “bottom up” method, we produce graphene by molecular growth from carbon precursors. What does that mean? In real terms it means we can control the number of layers, giving a large surface area and high purity products – this lets us create graphene dispersions which are high quality, even at mass production levels, with consistency between batches. 

We’re proud to say that using our graphene production approach avoids the pitfalls experienced by other manufacturers such as high levels of crystallinity, contamination and difficulties in controlling the number of graphene layers accurately. 

Why work with AGM?

The exciting properties of graphene are well known, but AGM’s dispersion technology is the key enabler to benefitting from the use of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs).

As a leading innovator in graphene dispersion and application technology, we pride ourselves on truly understanding how graphene works so that we can develop dispersions that deliver outstanding performance benefits in new and existing industrial products. 

Customer Collaboration

Our expertise and industry leading know-how means we understand customer requirements and work closely with them to create a roadmap for product development.

Speak to one of our team today for practical guidance and support in developing a unique solution for your application. To discuss how our graphene dispersion expertise can enhance the properties of your product, call +44 (0)1642 438214, email info@appliedgraphenematerials.com or message us through our contact form.