AGM presents to Leading Automotive and Aerospace Conference

SAE International, the global community of 200,000 automotive and aerospace engineers, hosted a virtual conference, WCX Digital Summit, on 16-18 June 2020.

As a guest speaker with The Graphene Council, AGMs CEO, Adrian Potts gave a presentation titled ‘Graphene for Automotive Applications – Lighter, Stronger, Better

Adrain talks about how to turn the remarkable performance of graphene into reality. Having the application technology to formulate a graphene-based dispersion correctly enables the successful use of the material’s properties. The combination of a deep engagement with the end customer, understanding of their objectives, enable AGM to offer graphene dispersions that deliver unique material performance gains in a number of areas for the automotive industry.

AGM are also leading the way in regulatory matters for use in nano-materials and have an impressive collection of data to support the end user, with practical ‘how-to’ knowledge that enables easy use of graphene.

The presentation highlighted the different ways graphene can be used to enhance performance in automotive applications.

  • Graphene in Composites – Lighter & Tougher
  • Graphene in Thermal applications – Lighter & Better
  • Graphene in Coatings – Better & Longer lasting