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Lubricants and functional fluids


Joint Development with PURAGLOBE on sustainable re-engineered base oils

AGM have signed a Joint Development Agreement with German based oil company PURAGLOBE GmbH. Since entering into a formal JDA, PURAGLOBE and AGM have been collaborating to understand how AGM’s graphene can best be incorporated into PURAGLOBE’s products based on SYNTAINICS® technology. This has progressed to a point where we are now forming tri-partite agreements, particularly with metalworking and cutting fluids but also adjacent market companies. A database of the performance of several of PURAGLOBE’s products containing graphene has been generated by an OEM accredited and certified German test lab and will help speed up the acceptance as well as proof that the performance of these unique materials is ready to be used in the industry.

To read more about the collaboration between Puraglobe and Applied Graphene Materials please click here to be directed to their website.

Nano-technology collaboration with Millers Oils

AGM recently announced joint development work with Millers Oils, a leading independent blender of oil and fuel additives, with a track record in delivering nano particle technology to the motorsport and high-end automotive industries. Millers Oils’ independence of large multi-nationals means they can source the best raw materials for formulations and can respond quickly to new market trends and requirements across the globe.

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