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Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited for use as multi-functional additives in paints and coatings.

The following selection guides are designed to steer readers towards the most appropriate applications for AGM’s Genable® series dispersions. The guides also include background application examples and should be used in conjunction with product Technical Datasheets and Technical Application Notes.

Genable® 1000 series Selection Guides

Outstanding barrier properties that significantly enhance the performance of existing anti-corrosion additives and coating systems on metallic substrates

Genable® 2000 series Selection Guides

Unique dual action enhanced passivation and barrier performance for aluminium substrates

Genable® 3000 series Selection Guides

Active, non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives with industry leading performance

Technical Application Notes (TANs)

AGM has developed significant in-house knowledge on the behaviour and performance of graphene modified coating formulations. These guidance notes have been designed to provide formulation insights to assist industry formulators and end users in achieving a technical appreciation of this novel technology, and as a result understand how best to apply A-GNPs and Genable® dispersions.

Product RangeTechnical Application Notes
Genable® 1000 Anti-corrosive Primers Part 1 & Part 2, Colour, Conductivity, Waterborne Coatings:Acrylic DTM(Direct-to-Metal)
Genable® 2000 Anti-corrosive Additives for Aluminium Substrates
Genable® 3000 Active, Non-metallic Anti-corrosion Primers Part 3

Technical Papers

Long Term Protection Performance and Activity of Graphene Based Epoxy Coating Systems for Aluminium and its Alloys
Towards a Novel Non-Metal Graphene Nanoplatelet Hybrid Anti-corrosive System for Tomorrow's Protective Coatings
Characterisation of a Novel Hybrid Anti-corrosive System Comprising Graphene Nanoplatelets and Non-Metal Containing Anti-corrosive Pigments
Corrosion Meeting Tomorrows Performance needs with graphene Nanoplatelets
Graphene in a UK Commercial Automotive Paint

News Stories

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Case Studies

James Briggs' Graphene Anti-corrosion Primer

James Briggs Case Study.png


Alltimes Coatings 'Advantage Graphene' Metal Roofing System

Alltimes Advantage.png