Board Evaluation

The Company has implemented a formal process of annual performance evaluation for the Board, its Committees and individual Directors. The process involves each board member completing a questionnaire relating to Board administration, performance and performance measurement, strategy, stakeholder engagement and reporting. The results of these completed questionnaires are collated and assessed by the Board as a whole. The Board concluded from the feedback that we operated an extremely unified and highly functional board.

The Chairman has evaluated the performance of individual Directors through a series of formal appraisals, furthermore, the Non-Executive Directors have met without the Chairman present, to assess his performance. Overall the Board consider the performance of every director to be effective and concluded that at Board level and the individual committees continue to provide effective leadership, along with the required levels of governance and control. This performance will continue to be monitored on a regular basis.

The intention is that a performance evaluation of the Board, the Board Committees and individual Directors will be conducted annually and the method for such review will continue to be reviewed by the Board in order to optimise the process.

The Company has Directors and Officers Liability Insurance in place.

Director Induction and Development

When new Directors and Non-Executive Directors are appointed, they receive a comprehensive induction to the Group’s activities and a tailored induction programme. All Directors are provided with the opportunity for ongoing training to keep up to date with relevant legislative changes, including covering their duties and responsibilities as Directors and the general business environment. Directors can obtain independent advice at the expense of the Company.

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