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We are seeking a dynamic Business Development Manager to join our team. As a key driver of our success, you will identify, pursue, and close lucrative business deals, forge strategic partnerships, and provide invaluable insights that will shape our company’s growth trajectory.

This position will take full ownership of the technical sales and business development for its areas of responsibility to maximise the business’s commercial success.

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With nearly 25 years’ experience in the coating and polymer industries, Andy Gent joined AGM’s business development team in 2018. Playing an instrumental role in the company’s sales progression, Andy was promoted to Commercial Director in February 2020 with the task of building on recent customer successes to drive further revenue growth. However, shortly after his promotion, the UK went into its first national lockdown as a result of Covid-19.

One year on, Andy reflects on the challenges the AGM team has faced over the last year, and the impact that the global pandemic has had on the company’s commercial strategy.

Since my promotion, I think it’s fair to say the world has seen a number of changes! As with many companies, we encountered challenges with the restrictions imposed by coronavirus, and it certainly impacted our business over the past 12 months. However, it also gave us an opportunity to take stock of our current business development position and outline the key areas that we wanted to develop and strengthen.

Having looked deeply, I felt that with increased reach into the market we could develop a stronger platform to be able to maximise the opportunity to deliver our high-quality standard products directly to our growing customer base. That’s why through 2020 we have worked hard to identify strategically aligned distribution partners which have enabled us to significantly expand our sales network. Through 2020, we signed five major new agreements with partners in the USA, Canada, South Korea as well as across most of Europe and there are more to come.

To support our growing partner network and customer base, it was also clear that we needed to rethink how we are delivering our company, technology and product messages. Our marketing team has done a fantastic job completely re-branding and redeveloping our website to give us a fresh, modern and innovative platform that enables us to clearly communicate the benefits of our products in real applications.

To achieve success in the chemicals industry, products need to gain acceptance and we need to build customer trust so they know they can rely on the products for long term performance. This ethos has not changed over the last 12 months, we have continued to build even stronger customer relationships as we come together at a global level to ride out this pandemic.

Our technical team has done an outstanding job of building a technology platform that customers can depend on. With our standard Genable dispersions, we have a toolbox that delivers real value-adding performance benefits to new and existing industrial systems. Alongside this, with our Innovation Accelerator development programs, we have the capability to offer customised solutions tailored to meet our customer’s exact needs.

Although we are starting to see signs that the pandemic is releasing its grip, it is clear that the chemical industry globally still faces challenges, however, I am confident that the future is really positive for AGM. We have all the pieces of the jigsaw and are now putting them into place to ensure that we maintain our position as a world leader in graphene dispersion technology. Exciting times ahead.

If you would like to speak to Andy and his team, you can use the contact form here, or you can find out more about AGM’s graphene dispersion technology here.

AGM Delighted to Announce Major Development of Commercial Team

AGM is delighted to announce the promotion of Andy Gent and Sam Whitehead as part of the development of its commercial team.

From the end of April, Nigel Blatherwick, Commercial Director, will be leaving AGM to pursue a different career path. AGM would like to thank Nigel for his dedicated service and wish him well with his plans for his new role.

Nigel Blatherwick commented:

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish AGM and its customers all the best. I firmly believe over the last 5 years the AGM team has created a business with a second-to-none understanding of how best to apply and exploit new graphene technology into the coatings and composites industry and the steady stream of new customer applications points to an exciting future.

Taking over from Nigel, Andy Gent is appointed to the role of Commercial Director. Andy originally joined AGM’s business development team in January 2018 having previously managed the European TERATHANE® business for INVISTA. Following on from his degree in Colour and Polymer Chemistry, Andy spent 10 years in research and development, before transitioning into sales initially with Clariant followed by Evonik TEGO® then moving to INVISTA. With over 20 years’ experience in the coatings industry in both technical and European sales management roles, AGM believes Andy is the perfect fit to guide the business through the next stages of its growth plan.

Andy Gent commented:

“I am thrilled; this is something that I have been working hard towards since starting my MBA and I am delighted to have been given this opportunity. This is a very exciting time in AGM’s history and I am looking forward to playing a pivotal role in the successful growth of the revenue base of the organisation.”

To support Andy, the UK Sales Manager role has been filled with the promotion of Sam Whitehead. A scientist by training, Sam studied Chemistry at Leeds University before developing his coatings experience with AkzoNobel. Having originally joined AGM’s technical team in November 2018, Sam has played a key part demonstrating the benefits of our graphene additives in anti-corrosion applications with customers, as well as developing the new graphene dispersions that we offer for coatings systems.

Sam Whitehead commented:

I was delighted to hear about the promotion to the sales team. I believe I can make a real impact on the growth of AGM, and I really look forward to connecting with new clients to forge new business relationships and achieve success in graphene integration in their products.

Adrian Potts CEO said:

I am excited for the opportunity that this change presents and look forward very much to Andy and Sam’s input in developing our sales approach and growing our revenue results. We have clear commercial targets to achieve and I’m confident in our team to do the absolute best to get us there together.

I would also like to put on record my thanks to Nigel. He and I joined the company the same week a number of years ago, and we have worked together tirelessly to get the company to where it is today.

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Applications & Industries

Our graphene and graphene dispersions are ideal for use across a number of applications and industries.

They can enhance existing products and enable higher performance across paints and coatings, batteries and energy storage, polymer composites and lubricants, waxes and polishes.

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Car Care

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Paints and coatings

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