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Paints and coatings

Development with HMG progresses to real world environmental testing

HMG Paints and Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) are working together to develop and commercialise Graphene containing coatings for a variety of industries. The two companies are progressing the formulation and application in protective coatings.

Following an initial stage of controlled environment testing, which produced some extremely positive results, the two companies are now testing their product in a real world environment. Tests will focus on the application of Graphene based coatings in both the Commercial Vehicle and Construction Equipment markets in partnership with a leading UK be-spoke commercial vehicle body builder.

“We’re delighted with how our initial testing has gone and have now progressed to life trials in the environments they’d ultimately be used in” said Jonathan Falder, Head Technician of the HMG Graphene Project. “We’ve found AGM’s Graphene dispersions to integrate well using conventional processes and seen some significant performance gains from our own testing of commercial products. We are moving onto full scale trials and commercial launch as we believe that these benefits can add real value to our customers.”

JDA with James Briggs Ltd following accelerated product development

Following considerable work over recent months, AGM has developed an improved graphene nanoplatelet, A-GNP35(T), that has been demonstrated to deliver a six-fold improvement in barrier and anti-corrosion properties at very low loading levels. Based on these results AGM announced it has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with James Briggs Ltd, a large European consumer chemicals business. James Briggs is a highly innovative formulator and supplier of aerosol paints and high performance materials to well-known industry brands across numerous markets. AGM and James Briggs have already started an accelerated product development programme with a view to early market exploitation of graphene. Under the JDA, James Briggs will incorporate graphene material into existing paint formulations to deliver higher-performing primers with improved corrosion protection. The expectation is that a new range of primers will be launched in early 2017. Alongside this, the two businesses will be cooperating on potential applications for lubrication products given the improved friction properties offered by the application of graphene.

Comment from Tim Pugh, CEO, James Briggs: “We are keen to become the first speciality chemicals and coatings company to take advantage of this exciting new technology. The detailed understating that AGM bring of how to get the most out of their material is impressive and we look forward to rapidly incorporating graphene into our own extensive range of every day products.”

Creating new barriers with graphene

An independent test programme investigating the addition of AGM nanoplatelets (A-GNPs) to epoxy coatings, has shown outstanding performance enhancements across industry ISO standard anti-corrosion and barrier tests. The tests were carried out by PRA (an independent testing consultancy) and demonstrated that very small additions of A-GNPs decreased water vapour transmission rates by up to 95% and extended time to initial corrosion in excess of 500%. The results were achieved with dispersions based on AGM’s unique and continuously synthesised graphene nanoplatelets. Supported by strong in-house coatings and product integration expertise, AGM has already entered several product development programmes, the latest results and low loading levels helping to highlight the technical and commercial viability of this exciting new technology. AGM is keen to find other development partners within the coatings industry with a desire to create new technology and barrier systems.

Comment from Steve Ryley, Technology Manager, PRA: “The results from our test work are very interesting and support the findings of early investigation programmes with A-GNPs in both epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Our findings clearly show that well dispersed A-GNPs offer the potential for significant enhancements in barrier and anti-corrosion.

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