Long term environmental exposure testing begins in France

In collaboration with the French Corrosion Institute AGM has installed a series of steel panels coated in a range of graphene-enhanced paints as part of a long term environmental exposure testing programme.

When coatings are exposed outdoors, the effects of moisture, heat, and UV radiation can cause various components of the paint to degrade. All coatings that are expected to be used on outdoor surfaces should be tested in similar conditions to understand and confirm their performance over time.

The external exposure panel installation in Brest, France, will enable AGM products to be tested over the next 2 years in a challenging, real world tempered marine environment, in order to further validate the successful lab-based test results. The tests are all in line with ISO 8565 and EN 13521-19 standard with various exposure angles.

Monitoring variables such as anti-corrosion and barrier properties during and after exposure to harsh conditions will demonstrate the positive impact of AGM’s graphene additives on the performance of industrial paints and coatings.

Look out for updates on this installation going forward!

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