40% Mass Reduction

50% Cost Reduction

80% Leadtime Reduction

Higher Gas Pressures Capability

Up to 5000psi

Application in Space, Aviation,
and Industrial systems

Graphene Nanoplatelets for Lighter, Stronger, Cost-Effective Polymer Composites for Space Applications

The Challenge

Traditional cryogenic strorage tanks are manufactured from polymer composites to provide the tank strength with a separate metal or polymer liner to prevent gas leaks and pressure loss. Ensuring the connection between these liners and tanks is a critical issue and is often the cause of the failure of these systems

Infinite Composites has taken on the challenge to develop a linerless polymer composite tank considered as “the Holy Grail” of gas storage for space applications

The development project enables Infinite Composites to further support NASA programs such as Artemis and Lunar Gateway with the target to:

  • Reduce Tank Weight
  • Reduce Production Costs
  • Reduce Production Lead-time
  • Increase Tank Performance
  • Reduce Tank Failure Rates

Next-generation cryogenic pressure tanks are a key technology to enable the USA to maintain space superiority

Successful completion will enable Infinite Composites’ customers in launch vehicles and satellite applications with the development of ultra-lightweight storage tanks

Success Through Materials Engineering

Composite linerless pressure vessels

Through a combination of successful materials engineering, manufacturing and process development and assembly design, Infinite Composites has been able to develop an industry-leading liner-free cryogenic tank.

UM has built on its dispersion expertise to develop a range of customised dispersions specifically to help Infinite Composites achieve their goals of an integrated linerless composite matrix of pressurised tank solution

  • Cryogenic tank Mass reduced by 40%
  • Cost reduced by 50%
  • Production lead-time reduced by 80%
  • Enables tanks to be taken to higher pressures. 5000psi gas storage capable
  • Through a 20 years life simulation, results show the composite gets stronger over the pressure cycles with the addition of Graphene nanoplatelet
  • Potential for use in Space, Aviation, Transportation and Industrial systems

Find more information about the Infinites Composite developments on its website here.

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