Investor Relations

The Board places significant importance on maintaining good communications with shareholders. The Executive Directors are available to meet with institutional shareholders and analysts after the announcement of both the interim and annual results and have undertaken such meetings whenever requested by shareholders and analysts at other points during the course of the year.

Each of the Non-Executive Directors is available to be contacted by, and to meet with, shareholders if required. Written investor feedback is provided to the whole Board by the Group’s nominated advisor and broker. The Interim and Annual Reports are sent to all shareholders, who are encouraged to attend and participate at the Company’s Annual General Meeting to enable it to be a forum of substantive communication.

The Group’s investor relations website is regularly updated and contains information on current activities, including interim and annual results presentations. The Group also includes, on its website, audiocasts of its results presentations, for the benefit of all shareholders. During the year, the Group has hosted site visits for existing and prospective investors.