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19 June 2020

Applied Graphene Materials presents to automotive and aerospace engineers

4 June 2020

Applied Graphene Materials signs distribution agreement with Dichem Polymers SA, Greece

28 April 2020

AGM delighted to announce development of commercial team

14 April 2020

AGM’s Extensive development and testing capabilities – key to the successful early adoption of graphene in coating applications

6 April 2020

Applied Graphene sees revenues tick up as product list grows

1 April 2020

Northern Echo report 'positive year' for AGM

31 March 2020

Edison Investment Research for Applied Graphene Materials

30 March 2020

Applied Graphene Materials - Coronavirus update

27 March 2020

Applied Graphene Materials Interim Results 2020

26 March 2020

Applied Graphene Materials shares the significant progress made in an interview with DirectorsTalk

26 March 2020

Applied Graphene Materials talks with Proactive Investors about strong set of interim results

25 March 2020

Demonstration of graphene enhanced chemistry points towards lower cost and high performance composite tool designs

16 March 2020

Mayor visits Teesside firm distributing 'Super Material' across the globe

12 March 2020

CAME and Applied Graphene Materials strengthen engagement in Italian coatings market

10 March 2020

UK Sales Manager Vacancy

9 March 2020

Real-life roofing application using graphene enhanced anti-corrosion coatings

7 February 2020

Applied Graphene Materials Call for Distributors

6 February 2020

AGM to present at international coatings conferences

3 January 2020

Graphene Products launched prior to 2020

19 December 2019

Graphene Enhanced Coatings for Anti-corrosion Performance Webinar

17 December 2019

Applied Grahene Materials Annual General Meeting

2 December 2019

Graphene Nanoplatelets: a future role in pipecoating?

13 November 2019

Directors Talk speaks with Adrian Potts about the launch of Halfords Graphene Anti-corrosion Primer

4 November 2019

Anti-corrosion Primer containing AGM’s graphene technology stocked at Halfords and Amazon

30 October 2019

Major British retail chain Halfords now selling AGM-graphene enhanced primer instore and online

24 October 2019

High resolution printing of interlaminar reinforcement with AGM’s Structural Ink®

22 October 2019

AGM presents to Asian and Australasian investors in Beijing

17 October 2019

Interview with Directors Talk on AGM's commercial momentum

16 October 2019

Commercial momentum at Applied Graphene Materials continues to build

3 October 2019

AGM develops composite applications for space exploration with Infinite Composites Technologies

10 September 2019

AGM to present at tech conferences in Germany and US ahead of Investor conference in New York

4 September 2019

Very low density, high thermal conductivity adhesives for Space applications launched by AGM

13 August 2019

Applied Graphene Materials describes how the Wilton Centre is supporting its growth

9 August 2019

Graphene: Infinite Possibilities and Beyond

22 July 2019

Directors Talk Q&A with CEO of Applied Graphene Materials

19 July 2019

Proactive Investors Interview: Applied Graphene Materials big technological advance as graphene traction builds

16 July 2019

Directors Talk Interview: Applied Graphene Materials excited about its new products

10 July 2019

AGM advances applications for water based anti-corrosion coatings

9 July 2019

New coatings product launch

3 June 2019

Applied Graphene Materials expands reach in global coatings market, signing distribution agreement with industry leading Carst & Walker

30 May 2019

Applied Graphene Materials to co-showcase the results of two leading edge aerospace composite material development projects at NATEP

23 May 2019

AGM signs distribution agreement with CAME srl

17 May 2019

Applied Graphene Materials secures patent approval in commercially strategic territory

15 April 2019

Dr Adrian Potts, CEO, Discusses AGM's Graphene Technologies and the Markets being Targeted

10 April 2019

Applied Graphene Materials to present at the 11th World Congress on Aluminium

8 April 2019

Applied Graphene Materials to present at the American Coatings Association '2019 Coatings Tech Conference'

5 April 2019

Directors Talk interview with Adrian Potts

5 April 2019

IG interview with Adrian Potts

5 April 2019

Proactive Investors interview Adrian Potts

4 April 2019

Audio - Interim results presentation for period ending January 2019

3 April 2019

Applied Graphene Materials announces its interim results for period ending January 2019

22 March 2019

AGM presents at Corrosion Conference 2019

14 March 2019

AGM announces that it will be presenting at the European Coatings Show

8 March 2019

AGM joins National Graphene Association's Industry Council

28 February 2019

Genable® anti-corrosion technology gains further recognition

11 February 2019

James Briggs to launch graphene enhanced Hycote range using AGM's material

20 December 2018

Applied Graphene Materials look forward to working with GEIC

18 December 2018

Applied Graphene Materials achieves key milestone with James Briggs order

26 October 2018

Applied Graphene Materials - graphene supplier for Tricolit®-Go product

22 October 2018

AGM launches anti-corrosion additive range and thermal paste adhesives at AES 2018

19 October 2018

Audio - Full Year Results Presentation Period Ended 31 July 2018

8 October 2018

AGM launches Genable® thermal paste adhesives range

27 September 2018

Q&A between Paintsquare News and Applied Graphene Materials

21 September 2018

Car Design News asks Magna Exteriors about the outcome of work with Applied Graphene Materials

14 September 2018

AGM proves its value in high performance anti-corrosion coatings

10 September 2018

NATEP Projects

19 July 2018

REACH registration of Graphene and Graphene Oxide

23 May 2018

Launch of the Genable 3000 Series

9 May 2018

"Over and Beyond" - AGM in the Business Echo

16 April 2018

AGM is set to break out of the slow lane - The Times

12 April 2018

Audio - Interim Results Presentation Period Ended 31 January 2018

4 April 2018

Two New Series within Genable® Platform Dispersion Technology Range

8 March 2018

AGM collaborates with SHD and Magna Exteriors on the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport car

6 March 2018

Qualification underway with Airbus Defence and Space

28 February 2018

Continuing development with HMG Paints moving to commercialisation

22 February 2018

Structural Ink® at JEC World 2018

21 February 2018

Graphene Enabling Platform Technology for Coatings