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AGM launches Genable® thermal paste adhesives range

08 October 2018


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Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), the UK based manufacturer of commercial graphene enhanced dispersions, has announced the launch of two new high performance thermal paste adhesive materials - Genable® 4400 and Genable® 4300.

The new products are supplied to customers as easy to process two part epoxy systems in thermal management applications. They are designed for use either directly as a paste adhesive and gap filler, or as potential base additives to enhance other formulated systems.

The two products have been formulated to deliver different level of processing viscosity to suit specific application requirements and will provide in-situ thermal conductivity in the region of 3-6 W/mK, combined with good levels of lap shear strength.

AGM anticipates applications within formulations for bonding, potting, sealing and encapsulation for Space, Electronics and Automotive components.

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