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Applied Graphene Materials coatings results show outstanding performance

22 August 2016

An independent test programme investigating the addition of Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) graphene nanoplatelets (A-GNPs) to epoxy coatings, has shown outstanding performance enhancements across industry ISO standard anti-corrosion and barrier tests. The tests were carried out by PRA (an independent testing consultancy) and demonstrated that very small additions of A-GNPs decreased water vapour transmission rates by up to 95% and extended time to initial corrosion in excess of 500%. The results were achieved with dispersions based on AGM’s unique and continuously synthesised graphene nanoplatelets.

Supported by strong in-house coatings and product integration expertise, AGM has already entered several product development programmes, the latest results and low loading levels helping to highlight the technical and commercial viability of this exciting new technology. AGM is keen to find other development partners within the coatings industry with a desire to create new technology and barrier systems.

Comment from Steve Ryley, Technology Manager, PRA

“The results from our test work are very interesting and support the findings of early investigation programmes with A-GNPs in both epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Our findings clearly show that well dispersed A-GNPs offer the potential for significant enhancements in barrier and anti-corrosion performance in coatings. We look forward to continuing to support AGM’s exciting development work.”

For enquiries please contact AGM Sales Office on + 44(0)1642 438214

Europe/Asia, Richard Akam (Sector Manager Coatings)

or Nigel Blatherwick (Commercial Director)

North America Adrian Potts (VP Business Development)

About AGM

Applied Graphene Materials was founded by Professor Karl Coleman in 2010 with its operations and processes based on technology that was developed at Durham University. The Group was admitted to AIM in November 2013, raising £11 million, and is based at the Wilton Site on Teesside. In January 2016 it raised a further £8.5m to support its ongoing activities.

The Group has subsequently developed proprietary bottom-up processes for the production of high purity graphene nanoplatelets and owns the intellectual property and know-how behind these processes. AGM’s processes are based upon sustainable, readily available raw materials and therefore do not rely on the supply of graphite, unlike many of other graphene production techniques. It is capable of producing high purity graphene using a continuous process. AGM provides dispersion and product integration expertise to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications.

About PRA

PRA, formerly known as the Paint Research Association, are globally recognised independent coatings experts, offering technical and business services. They were founded in 1926 as a membership association for the coatings industry, and they are now a wholly owned subsidiary of Pera Technology Solutions Ltd. PRA conduct coatings formulation, application and testing in their Technology Centre and Laboratories.

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