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17 OCTOBER 2016

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), the producer of synthesised specialty graphene nanoplatelets (A-GNPs) and master dispersions is starting to supply first production orders to customers within the company’s target Composites, Polymers and Coatings industries.

While the multi-functional potential of graphene has been widely reported, as with many previously heralded nano-particulate additives, the single most significant factor influencing early adoption is the material’s ability to be dispersed within parent matrices - in a consistent, stable and process-friendly manner. AGM’s synthesised nanoplatelets are unique in their chemical nature and this is enabling early-adopters to introduce A-GNPs into existing materials and processes, cost effectively and without major disruption to established manufacturing routes.

Recent independent 3rd party testing programmes, commissioned by AGM, have pointed to significant gains in properties such as fracture toughness, anti-corrosion and barrier performance, resin modulus, electrical and thermal conductivity. Just as significantly, these performance gains can frequently be achieved without negative impacts on other key properties such as wet conditioned service temperature.

A range of A-GNPs and dispersion formats are required to optimise target performances and this is where AGM’s experienced in-house application and product integration team are focused- across numerous end-user collaborations.

AGM recently announced one such collaboration, and early adopter of A-GNPs, as Century Composites Ltd (Century), a long-established UK fishing rod manufacturer. Century have recognised and validated the benefits that the unique “custom” graphene material developed by AGM can generate and introduced the material into their latest “Graphex” designs of Coarse, Game and Sea fishing rods. The mechanical property enhancement displayed in Century’s rod ranges that incorporate A-GNPs is attributed to the materials high specific surface area, excellent mechanical properties and capacity to initially prevent and then deflect crack growth in a far more effective way than other advanced nano-particulate additives. Simon Chilcott, Managing Director of Century commented “We are delighted to launch our Graphex range of rods which are becoming available through our selected retail distributors. The development collaboration with AGM has been excellent and we are impressed by the added performance that their materials bring."


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AGM Sales Office on + 44(0)1642 438214

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AGM USA Sales Office on +1 (918) 344 8564

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