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Car Design News asks Magna Exteriors about the outcome of work with Applied Graphene Materials

21 September 2018

Car Design News recently interviewed Magna Exteriors experts Larry Erikson, Global Director of Industrial Design and Dr Joseph Laux, Global Director of Material Science

CDN asked: Magna Exteriors recently collaborated with specialist suppliers Applied Graphene Materials and SHD Composites to produce a lightweight tailgate for a supercar, the Fenyr SuperSport from W Motors.  What was the outcome of that work?

Laux: We do focus some of our expertise on "blue-sky" work, including graphene.  Graphene is a single layer carbon nano-material discovered in 2004, earning a Nobel prize in 2010, and it's the subject of a lot of hype.

We had an opportunity to work with graphene on a supercar produced using an autoclave process, typical for supercars and Formula 1 cars. One supplier provided graphene, the other put it into a prepreg resin.  We did it as a drop-in, using the existing process and molds.  Lo and behold it worked out very well.  To read the full reply from Dr Jospeh Laux please click here

As part of the Car Design News interview, Magna Exteriors created their own video, interviewing Nigel Blatherwick of Applied Graphene Materials, Nick Smith of SHD Composites and Dr Jospeh Laux of Magna Exteriors.  


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