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Continuing development with HMG Paints moving to commercialisation

28 FEBRUARY 2018

Continuing development with HMG Paints moving to commercialisation

HMG Paints (Manchester, UK) and AGM are continuing to work together in the development and commercialisation of graphene containing coatings for a variety of industries. Specifically, the two companies are progressing the formulation and application in a range of protective and anti-corrosion coatings.

Following an initial stage of controlled environment testing, which produced some extremely positive results, the two companies are now testing their products in real world environments.  Tests are initially focused on the application of graphene enhanced coatings in both the commercial vehicle and construction equipment markets.

“HMG are delighted to have partnered with AGM to develop these coatings for application testing” said Jonathan Falder, Head Technician of the HMG Graphene Project. “We’ve found AGM’s graphene based GenableTM dispersions to integrate well using conventional processes and have seen some interesting performance gains in corrosion protection and general coating durability. After some months of use on a selection of real applications, including a tipper truck and site equipment, the initial feedback is positive and as a result we anticipate increased production of these coatings through 2018.”


For more information, please follow this link to page 8 and “Pencil-thin” in the December 2017 edition of PCE International magazine: PCE International - December 2017


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