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Applied Graphene Materials, P&G and Dyson, partner Durham and Sheffield University research through a £1.6m grant

27 August 2013

Durham University and Sheffield University have been awarded a £1,633,244 EPSRC grant that will see Applied Graphene Materials, a world leading company in graphene production and application, Dyson Appliances Ltd, Procter and Gamble (P&G) UK on board as industrial partners.

The industrial partners will contribute materials, expertise and finance and in exchange benefit from the research outcomes.

The research will be led by Durham University with Applied Graphene Materials founder Professor Karl Coleman as the principal investigator.

The funding will be used for research and development of polymer nanocomposites (a plastic containing a nonometre scale filler material) optimised for consumer product applications, which provide a unique opportunity for early adoption and rapid commercial roll-out of new and advanced materials.

Graphene nanocomposites offer exciting step changes in both structural and functional material performance because the interfacial area between the nanofiller and polymer is greater by orders of magnitude when compared to traditional composites containing glass or carbon filler.

Graphene promises to be the ultimate nanofiller having outstanding and often unsurpassed electronic, mechanical and thermal properties. P&G, Dyson, Applied Graphene Materials and their academic partner will work on the formulation, processing and prototyping of the graphene composites to deliver a high-volume, low-cost graphene engineering technology that will enable commericailisation of graphene nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical, anti-static and barrier properties. Such properties would deliver consumer benefits through better product performance and extended product life, and business and environmental benefits through less raw material being consumed and transported.

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