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European Coatings suppliers hub showcases AGM's C4/C5 anti-corrosive presentation

30 June 2020

European Coatings suppliers hub.png

In a time of cancelled exhibitions European Coatings have set up a virtual 'suppliers hub' allowing access to video presentations about innovations of raw material.

Applied Graphene Materials used the presentation Lynn Chikosha delivered last year at European Coatings Show titled ‘novel, non-metal graphene nanoplatelet hybrid anti-corrosive system’.  This paper will discuss the extension of use of AGM’s graphene nanoplatelets into C4 and C5 type environments, benchmarking against zinc rich systems.  The objectives are:

  • Can graphene give significant uplifts in corrosion resistance when applied direct to substrates in C4/C5 environments.
  • Can performance of zinc rich systems be further extended by using a graphene enhanced tie-coat layer?

The full video presentation and results can be found by signing up at the European Coatings website.  Alternatively you can view the written presentation on our Paints and Coatings web page or get in touch via the Contact page.

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