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Graphene enhanced prepreg with SHD Composites

13 April 2017

Following 18 months of intensive joint product development between AGM and SHD Composites Ltd (SHD), SHD officially launched an industry leading graphene enhanced epoxy prepreg system – MTC9800 in March 2017.

MTC9800 has already been test-marketed in production volumes to launch customers and is supported by a strong mechanical database that demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties, particularly in fracture toughness, interlaminar shear strength and compression performance. MTC9800 is suitable for a range of industrial applications, particularly where customers are looking to further reduce part weight and extend life over repeated loading cycles. Anticipated early industrial outlets include Motorsport, Sporting Goods and Renewable Energy, amongst others.

MTC9800 is the first public outcome of a JDA signed between AGM and SHD in mid-2015 and follows extensive efforts in characterising the technology, processing and product consistency of a graphene enhanced prepreg system. The new material combines AGM’s unique, synthesised, A-GNP graphene nano-platelets with SHD’s proprietary resin formulations. The new product is also a tangible demonstration of the relative ease by which AGM’s “process-ready” graphene dispersions can be adopted by the composites industry, with minimal disruption to existing manufacturing routes and delivering cost effective performance gains. AGM and SHD continue to collaborate and have further graphene enhanced technologies and materials under development.

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