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James Briggs to launch graphene enhanced Hycote range using AGM's material

11 February 2019

JBL Production Process 1.jpg 


James Briggs Ltd posted on Linkedin on 8th February with the following news:

"We have successfully completed our Graphene products first production batch, which is a significant milestone on the path to commercial realisation. Extensive testing has demonstrated repeated and outstanding improvements in anti-corrosion performance for our automotive aerosol primer. We plan to launch the new range of graphene enhanced anti-corrosion aerosols under our Hycote brand.
Graphene is a single atom layer of graphite. Its ability to form hexagonal lattice structure gives it exceptional properties in terms of strength, electricity and heat conduction. These single atom lattice structures can stack to form layers. In coatings this lattice structure gives excellent barrier properties and in the case of our specially formulated primer, this results in excellent salt spray resistance and therefore give superior anti-corrosive performance when compared to a similar product without graphene

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