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Launch of the Genable 3000 Series

23 May 2018

Applied Graphene Materials’ launches the Genable® 3000 series. Graphene based active, non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives with industry leading performance

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) has announced the launch of their latest, ground-breaking, dispersion range - the Genable® 3000 series. Genable® 3000 series materials are graphene based active, non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives and have been proven to deliver industry leading performance.

The new series has been formulated to enable the full benefit of graphene materials to be accessed by coatings industry formulators seeking step change anti-corrosion performance, particularly under harsher environmental conditions.

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Further information regarding the use of Genable® range within coatings can be found here: Create New Barriers... with Graphene

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