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Proactive Investors Interview: Applied Graphene Materials big technological advance as graphene traction builds

19 July 2019

In an interview with Proactive Investors, CEO Adrian Potts said: “AGM have made two big strides forward in the past week”
The company has cracked how to get graphene into water-based paints and coatings.  Adrian says it was a big technical challenge, “but we’ve done it”. See the Technical Application Note titled 'Waterborne Coatings: Acrylic DTM (Direct-to-Metal).

Building materials firm Alltimes meanwhile has launched a new range of roofing products incorporating AGM’s graphene technology.
As a result, it has been able to extend its warranty on its products to thirty years, something unheard of before says Adrian, adding “Graphene is seeing real traction in a variety of areas,”

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