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Process approach to making graphene dispersion decisions

05 August 2020

Applied Graphene Materials was invited by The Graphene Council to participate in a webinar to look at how to use and apply graphene materials, in particular how to disperse into host materials.

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Some of the discussion points touched upon in this webinar include:

Making graphene work

If you can add graphene to it correctly you can make great use of the materials advantages

The Keys

  • Application Technology - clear understanding of end-use
  • 'How-to' data enables easy use of graphene
  • Unlocking use of graphene

Dispersion decision flow chart

  • What could graphene do for product enhancement?
  • Understand where it will be used and when to be added
  • Compatibility - will graphene addition upset the balance of the rest of the formulation?


  • Is the dispersion stable or does it sediment out?
  • Can it be recovered? How?
  • What are the implications for end-customer use?

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