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Very low density, high thermal conductivity adhesives for Space applications launched by AGM

4 September 2019

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Following four years of development work AGM are now offering materials engineers, in the Space and Defence sectors, two unique thermally conductive epoxy paste adhesive systems, AGMTP300 and AGMTP400

These novel epoxy adhesive systems exhibit high levels of thermal conductivity (between 3 and 6 W/mK), combined with excellent mechanical, adhesive and outgassing performance. Most significantly these properties are achieved with cured resin densities as low as 40% that of competitive conductive adhesives on the market. AGM’s TP300/400 products are therefore highly versatile, while providing end users with significant savings in both mass and cost.

Already being adopted within the industry, AGM’s TP300/400 systems are ideal for use where thermal management is critical in structural bonding or gap filling, across a range of satellite and general space applications.

TP300/400 adhesives are supplied in 2 pack resin and hardener systems. They are supported by an extended performance database, available on short lead-times and supplied in convenient kit sizes to suit customer requirements.

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