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Development dispersions


AGM believes that the commercial value of graphene lies in the ability to robustly transfer its intrinsic properties into other materials, thus creating higher value materials and products which possess specifically enhanced characteristics.

AGM’s expertise is incorporating graphene into the right dispersion… a dispersion that allows the graphene to work successfully in the manufacturing process, the finished material and the final application. This is a complex and challenging issue for the graphene industry and one that AGM’s technology and know-how has successfully addressed.

Whether you are considering enhancing the mechanical and barrier properties of a material, or enhancing its resistance to atmospheric, marine or chemical elements, or improving the thermal and electrical conductivity, we have the expertise to assist you.

We sell our graphene powder pre-dispersed in a range of polymer matrices as well as adhesives, elastomers, oils, aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.

Below is a list of parent materials into which AGM is currently developing production ready graphene dispersions for our customer base. These are currently not sold to the market as standard characterised dispersions, but customised samples where supporting data can be made available on request.

Matrix and Type
Vinyl Ester Resin Resin Waterborne Paint Solvent DPGDA Solvent
Benzoxazine Resin Resin PGME Solvent Mono Ethylene Glycol Solvent
UV Curable Resin Resin Glycol ether Solvent DCM Solvent
PTFE Resin Toluene Solvent Paraffin Wax Wax
Polyurethane Resin Resin IPA Solvent Group I Base Oil Lubricant
Polyester Resin Resin White Spirit Solvent Group II Base Oil Lubricant
Alkyd Resin Resin Acetone Solvent Group III Base Oil Lubricant
Acrylic Resin Resin TPGDA Solvent Group IV Base Oil Lubricant
Polyol Solvent Ethanol Solvent Group V Base Oil Lubricant
HDDA Solvent DMSO Solvent Greases Lubricant
Methyl Methacrylate Solvent Cyclohexanone Solvent Solventborne Paint Paint

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