Genable Paint

Graphene-based corrosion protection

Innovative anti-corrosion primers with graphene


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Graphene-based corrosion protection offer performance uplifts


…with the potential to protect assets from corrosion and extend the life of surfaces and structures

Graphene-based corrosion protection offers a competitive advantage in the market

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Prevent corrosion the easy way

When coating steel, priming is key to preventing the formation of rust. The Genable anti-corrosion primer range enhanced with graphene nanoplatelet dispersions offers a new innovative approach to combatting corrosion.

Our graphene-based corrosion protection primers can demonstrate the ease of application and transformational performance benefits of graphene-enhanced coatings.

Graphene-based corrosion protection
Graphene-based corrosion protection

Cracking the corrosion challenges

Graphene-enhanced primers offer product life cycle advantages and reduce the environmental impact of paints and coatings.

As an innovative alternative to traditional primers, Universal Matter’s latest paints have been developed using proven Genable technology and are available for testing in both standard applications, and also extreme offshore environments.

Working in partnership to deliver results

UM chemists have collaborated with industry partners to develop optimised paint formulations that are being used to demonstrate the outstanding properties of graphene.

Working with organisations like the Environment Agency, the Genable range of graphene-based corrosion protection primers are proving the clear life cycle, cost and performance advantages over standard alternatives.

Graphene-based corrosion protection

Introducing the Genable Paint product range

Graphene-based corrosion protection

Genable Epoxy Primer

The latest high performance epoxy primer from UM is enhanced with the synergistic benefits of graphene and low levels of zinc phosphate.

Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited for industrial paints and coatings.

The Genable Epoxy Primer can significantly extend the life of existing coatings and reduce the frequency and cost of asset maintenance using innovative graphene-enhanced paint chemistry.

Genable HC Primer

Incorporating graphene into a high-performance paint system offers corrosion protection suited to the most extreme conditions.

The new Genable HC Primer offers increased resistance against the elements to reduce corrosion damage over time in harsh environments, such as offshore areas and those which experience high levels of salt spray.

The new paint system is available as a prototype formulation for testing, in order to demonstrate the clear performance uplifts achieved by incorporating UM’s graphene technology into protective coatings.

Graphene-based corrosion protection

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