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Standard Genable® dispersions


AGM believes that the commercial value of graphene lies in the ability to robustly transfer its intrinsic properties into other materials, thus creating higher value materials and products which possess specifically enhanced characteristics.

AGM’s expertise is incorporating graphene into the right dispersion … a dispersion that allows the graphene to work successfully in the manufacturing process, the finished material and the final application. This is a complex and challenging issue for the graphene industry and one that AGM’s technology and know-how has successfully addressed.

Whether you are considering enhancing the mechanical and barrier properties of a material, or enhancing its resistance to atmospheric, marine or chemical elements, or improving the thermal and electrical conductivity, we have the expertise to assist you.

As the leader for graphene applications into Paints, Coatings and Thermal Pastes, AGM has developed a range of standard Genable® dispersions to cater for the needs of these industries.

Genable® - standard dispersion range

Genable® dispersions are fully characterised, stable and designed to be delivered easily into existing manufacturing processes, enabling industry formulators to consistently access the exciting performance attributes of AGM’s A-GNP graphene nanoplatelets.

Available from stock, Genable® dispersions are supplied in epoxy resins, a range of industry standard carrier solvents (butyl acetate, xylene, MEK, ethyl acetate), as well as water. Genable® dispersions are also supported by application guidelines, extended performance datasets and considerable formulation know-how within AGM’s Technical Group.

Industry innovators are already discovering they can formulate their way to significant performance gains by incorporation of graphene using Genable® products.

  • low addition levels
  • C1 to CX corrosion environment application
  • provides cost savings in coat life, film thickness and system build optimisation
  • formulation-ready stable dispersions


Genable® 1000 series

Paints & Coatings: Outstanding barrier properties that significantly enhance the performance of existing anti-corrosion additives and coating systems on metallic substrates
Composites: Standard dispersions in epoxy resin to enhance the key properties of fracture toughness, resin modulus and interlaminar shear strength in FRP materials

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
Genable® 1000 Epoxy EEW (190g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 1001 Epoxy EEW (250g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 1030 Butyl Acetate Download TDS
Genable® 1031 Xylene Download TDS
Genable® 1032 MEK Download TDS
Genable® 1033 Ethyl Acetate Download TDS
Genable® 1050 Water Download TDS
Genable® 1200 Epoxy EEW (190g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 1201 Epoxy EEW (250g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 1230 Butyl Acetate Download TDS
Genable® 1231 Xylene Download TDS
Genable® 1232 MEK Download TDS
Genable® 1233 Ethyl Acetate Download TDS
Genable® 1250 Water Download TDS


Genable® 2000 series

Paints & Coatings: Unique dual action enhanced passivation and barrier performance for aluminium substrates

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
Genable® 2400 Epoxy EEW (190g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 2401 Epoxy EEW (250g/eq.) Resin Download TDS


Genable® 3000 series

Paints & Coatings: Active, non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives with industry leading performance

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
Genable® 3000 Epoxy EEW (190g/eq.) Resin Download TDS
Genable® 3001 Epoxy EEW (250g/eq.) Resin Download TDS


Genable® 4000 series

Polymers: Low density thermal paste adhesives and masterbatch additives

DescriptionMatrixTechnical Data Sheet
Genable® 4300 Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener) Download TDS
Genable® 4400 Epoxy (2 part with amine hardener) Download TDS

For further information about our products download our Technical Application Notes from our Applications section. Alternatively, contact AGM sales office on +44 (0)1642 438214 or e-mail us via our contact page