Role of the Board

The Board is ultimately responsible for the business strategy and the financial robustness of the Group, for monitoring performance and for establishing a governance structure and practice which facilitates effective decision making and good governance. To enable the members of the Board to discharge these responsibilities they have full and timely access to all relevant information and Board meetings are held at the Groups production facilities allowing directors to review the operations and meet the management teams of these particular sites. All directors have allocated sufficient time to the Company to discharge their responsibilities effectively.

Key Roles

Chairman – Bryan Dobson

  • Primarily responsible for the leadership of the Board, ensuring that it is effective and promoting critical discussion;
  • Chairs the nomination committee and the Annual General Meeting;
  • Sets the Board meeting agendas in consultation with the Chief Executive and the Company Secretary, ensuring they are aligned to the business strategy;
  • Leads the performance evaluation of the Board and ensures its effectiveness in all aspects of its role;
  • Sponsors and promotes the highest corporate governance and ethical standards;
  • Facilitates contribution from all Directors to the discussion of the Board;
  • Provides a sounding board for the Chief Executive on key business decisions and challenges proposals where appropriate; and
  • Ensures effective communication with our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Chief Executive (CEO) – Adrian Potts

  • Develops and implements the group’s strategy with input from the rest of the Board, management team and its advisors;
  • Responsible for the overall operational activity of the group;
  • Manages the day-to-day business of the Group, leads its direction and promotes our culture and values;
  • Brings matters of particular significance or risk to the Chairman for discussion and consideration by the Board where appropriate; and
  • Responsible for overseeing the delivery of the sustainability agenda within the Group.

Executive Directors – Karl Coleman and David Blain

  • Provide specialist knowledge and experience to the Board;
  • Support the CEO in the implementation of the Group’s strategic policies;
  • Responsible for the budgeting process and reporting of the financial performance of the Group;
  • Responsible for scientific input relating to the Group; and
  • Responsible for the successful leadership and management of commercial, risk and finance functions across the Group.

Non-Executive Director – Sean Christie

  • Bringing complimentary skills and experience to the Board;
  • Challenges the Executive Directors on matters affecting the Group;
  • Provides a sounding board for the Chairman and supports him with the leadership of the Board;
  • Is available if shareholders want to raise concerns which normal channels have failed to resolve;
  • Chairs the Audit Committee
  • Chairs the Remuneration Committee
  • Satisfies himself as to the accuracy of the financial performance of the Group and the robustness and effectiveness of financial controls and risk management processes; and
  • Help develop strategy with an independent outlook.

Company Secretary – David Blain

  • Responsible to the Board;
  • Acts as secretary to the Board and each of its Committees ensuring compliance with procedures;
  • Responsible, under the direction of the Chairman, for ensuring the Board receives timely and accurate information;
  • Provides support to the Non-Executive Directors; and
  • Responsible for advising the Board on all governance matters.

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