Stakeholder Engagement

We regularly engage with our stakeholders in a variety of ways depending on their requirements. In some cases such as sourcing this is very often a continuing regular dialogue. Elsewhere the engagement may be more informal and adhoc, dealing with issues as they arise but with no less commitment.

FocusHow We EngageExamples
Our CustomersDirectly


Technical Support

During the previous 12 months, AGM has exhibited at the following shows and exhibitions, JEC World, Advanced Engineering Show, American Coatings Show, NACE Corrosion and Surfex. Our customer relationships are very often founded on the basis of a close working relationship. The James Briggs collaboration involved joint testing and evaluation programmes.
Our PeopleRegular company updates

Annual appraisals

Company events

Senior managers regularly update employees on company matters and progress. The formats are informal in nature and employees are encouraged to ask questions and raise issues.
Our ShareholdersAnnual General Meeting

Open days


Regular briefings

Every 6 months the CEO and CFO take part in a series of roadshows and podcasts which is subsequently uploaded onto our website for the benefit of all. In 2017 an open day was held for a group of stakeholders to enable them to see both the facility and the new manufacturing capability.
Our CommunitiesCharity donations and events

Talks with local schools
In 2018 we presented to a local school on careers in industry.
Our WorldReach

We participate with a number of bodies and organisations as well as engaging with policy makers on matters relevant to our industry. We are currently working with other industry specialists and policy makers on the definition of graphene.

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