Understanding Our Business


Applied Graphene Materials has developed a proprietary bottom-up reaction process for the production of high specification graphene. The company owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process.

Applied Graphene Materials’ process is based on sustainable readily available raw materials and therefore does not rely on the supply of graphite, unlike a number of other graphene production techniques. It is capable of producing high purity graphene nanoplatelets using a continuous process.

Applied Graphene Materials provides dispersion and product integration expertise, to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. The company has scaled up its production facility and is currently engaged with customers across the globe to develop application-specific, graphene-enhanced materials

Our sustainable, patented manufacturing process:

  • produces a variety of consistently high-quality graphene nanoplatelets
  • scalable and continuous
  • uses sustainable readily available raw materials
  • free from heavy metals

Our expertise in dispersing graphene nanoplatelets for end-product use:

  • helps our customers use graphene nanoplatelets to create new and differentiated products
  • improves performance and enhances existing products
  • tailors the incorporation of graphene to customers’ processes and materials
  • produces uniform and stable dispersions

Our commercial strategy:

  • Collaboration with commercial partners to accelerate the adoption of graphene nanoplatelets
  • Focus on core target market sectors with global potential for industrial-scale future orders
  • Targeting market leadership based on in-depth knowledge and proprietary processes

Our core target markets: