Customer Success Stories

We are proud that our graphene dispersions are being adopted for use across a growing number of applications and industries. 

Our toolbox technology enables formulators a range of enhancement possibilities, from the development of existing products to groundbreaking new market innovations.

By offering user friendly and optimised dispersion AGM are enabling customers to realise the benefits of graphene nanoplatelets additions across paints and coatings, batteries and energy storage, polymer composites and lubricants, waxes and polishes. Thanks to this variety of uses, AGM’s graphene dispersions are being utilised effectively by organisations working across many industries including automotive, aviation, aerospace, printing and construction. 

AGM has announced consumer product launches through its customers, including:

  • James Briggs Ltd (JBL) launched its Hycote graphene anti-corrosion primer – the product is on sale in the mainstream market on Amazon and Tetrosyl Express;
  • Halo Car Care
  • Alltimes Coatings Ltd launched its Advantage Graphene liquid coating roofing system – significantly enhanced anti-corrosion performance delivered by incorporating AGM’s graphene, and includes an unparalleled 30 year warranty;
  • Halfords launched instore and online sales of a Graphene primer – the aerosol primer produces exceptional corrosion protection, due to AGM’s graphene dispersion;
  • Graphene enhanced Top Coat MT product for harsh environment industrial coatings applications demanding outstanding anti-corrosion protection for end-customers such as Avanti Communications 
  • Infinity Wax