Health and Safety

Universal Matter takes all reasonable and practical steps to provide healthy and safe working conditions for its employees, customers and other visitors.

Environment, health and safety The EH&S-positive culture throughout the organisation’s activities is centered on identification and mitigation of risk with an emphasis on continuous improvement through learning and application. These principles apply not just to our employees and the in-house operations we pursue, but to all stakeholders in our processes. As such we value highly the quality of information which we present to customers related to products and services we offer.

In addition to fulfilling regulatory documentation requirements as part of the supply process, we set great store on the further supply of additional information to support the safe use of nanoplatelet technology in industrial environments. Such information ranges from application directions on use of our products to finding the safest, most appropriate delivery media for our graphenes to our customers and also looking at the complete end-to-end process of engagement.

We further take great pride in our partnership in engagement with the EU REACH consortium for graphene registration and other regional bodies involved in regulatory approval for these innovative materials. The significant effort to supply supporting data to ultimately achieve regulatory approval supports our approach first and foremost to safe use of nanotechnology both in house and in the broadest engagement.

To find out more about Universal Matter’s responsibilities and our commitment to Health and Safety, please get in touch through our contact page.