"Dragonfly" Narrowboat Painting with Anti-Corrosion Primer

Case Study

Outstanding Corrosion Protection

Enhanced Adhesion Properties

Significantly Reduced Blistering

Preventing Narrowboat Corrosion Using Graphene-enhanced CX Paint

The Setting

While canals and waterways are home to many stunning narrowboats, a barge’s steel hull can begin to rust if they are not regularly maintained by owners.

Re-painting above and below the waterline is a necessity to prevent corrosion if the shell is to last as long as possible.

Typically, narrowboats are painted with 3 additional coats on top of a “blacking” layer (often a bitumen or coal-tar based paint); the Primer, the Undercoat and the Topcoat. 

The Challenge

AGM was approached in early 2020 by the owner of a narrowboat named “DRAGONFLY”, looking to reduce the corrosion appearing across its hull.

Our experienced chemists developed an innovative in-house graphene-enhanced CX paint formulation, which was applied to a small patch of the narrowboat before it returned to the water for another 6 months.

Positive Results After 6 and 12 Months

AGM’s graphene-enhanced CX formulation performed significantly better than the industry standard paint.

  • No corrosion spots or signs of blistering.
  • Superior adhesion properties.
  • Tough, abrasion resistant finish.

Ongoing Testing

On the back of the extremely positive results seen after another 6 months, the AGM team has now taken the project to the next stage; the complete hull of the narrowboat has been sand blasted and re-painted in 3 sections.

Two coats of AGM’s own graphene-enhanced CX paint have been applied to a larger section of the narrowboat, alongside a commercially available offshore CX primer as a control.

As an additional comparison, the commercial control was also modified with an AGM graphene dispersion and applied to a third section of the hull.

“DRAGONFLY” has now returned to the water once again, but the AGM team will be back on site in October 2021 to assess the level of protection offered over time by each CX paint formulation applied.

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