Case Study

Reduced Dirt Build-Up For Easy Cleaning

Protective Layer & High Gloss Finish

Enhanced Hydrophobic Performance

Pushing boundaries in the Cycling sector

UK-based Tru-Tension designs and manufactures products for biking enthusiasts, from tools and cleaning products for commuters and adventure riders, to lubricants and accessories for high performance motorcycle racing.

Since successfully securing a substantial investment from retail guru Touker Suleyman on BBC’s Dragons’ Den back in 2018, Tru-Tension has grown from strength to strength, expanding its range of high-quality bike maintenance solutions. 

Following a programme of in-house research and testing, the leading innovator launched of a brand new detailing spray enhanced with AGM’s industry-leading Genable graphene dispersion technology.

Extended performance benefits

Tru-Tension suggests the graphene-based spray offers an unrivalled high gloss finish that also acts as a protective layer to leave paintwork glistening, and that the newly formulated hydrophobic coating also reduces dirt build-up to make future cleaning easier.

The Graphene Bike Detailer product represents a further milestone for both companies in bringing graphene nanoplatelet-based products to the wider market.

The brand is now available to purchase in Halfords and many other national retailers, as well as through the Tru-Tension website:

Transformational car care chemistry

Working with industry pioneers like Tru-Tension, AGM continues to realise the benefits of graphene for detailing product applications.

With the correct incorporation, graphene nanoplatelets have the potential to significantly enhance an array of properties.

This latest product development represents another example of how the incorporation of the Company’s unique graphene dispersion technology can transform customers’ products and help manufacturers to stand out in the car and bike care market.

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If you would like to discuss how AGM’s graphene dispersions can enhance your new product, you can contact us here.

It has been great working with AGM’s team to create our new Graphene Bike Detailer. The unrivalled formulation and hydrophobic performance of the graphene delivers a world leading bike detailer with a shine that reduces the build-up of dirt. This addition to our diverse range allows us to continue to deliver market leading products, for motorcycles and bicycles, at the forefront of what is capable with technology.

We look forward to working with AGM on future products and continuing to push the boundaries and performance of our products.

Chris Frapell, Founder of Tru-Tension

It is a pleasure to see yet another product enhanced with AGM’s graphene dispersions coming to market. Our graphene products have demonstrated exceptional performance in an increasingly broad range of applications, made possible thanks to our focus on delivering graphene nanoplatelets in a format that makes them easy to adopt in practical applications. This approach continues to deliver new customer product momentum for innovative companies like Tru-Tension.

The development of our relationship with Tru-Tension is exciting and I look forward to seeing the commercial results of their current and future cutting-edge product launches.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of Applied Graphene Materials

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