We’re delighted to have been named as one of the “Top 10 Corrosion Companies 2021” in the annual special edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine.

As a part of this month’s issue focusing on Corrosion, the industry-leading magazine also features an interview with our CEO, Adrian Potts, alongside fellow senior executives within the Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials and R&D space, as they address the critical problems and novel solutions for the future development of anti-corrosion technology.

Read the full article here.

This recognition comes as AGM takes its work around Corrosion to the next level, having recently presented its latest breakthrough technology at the recent Corrosion 21 Conference organised by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP).

AGM has previously demonstrated significant uplifts in anti-corrosion performance in solvent-based coatings through the use of its industry-leading Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersion technology. However, water-based coating development remains a key focus for industries formulators who are looking to improve the safety and environmental impacts of their products. AGM’s ground-breaking technology enables the easy addition of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions into water-based epoxy coatings and delivering improved corrosion protection.

This research represents an important development in increasing the anti-corrosion performance of waterborne coating for a range of industry applications.

Well done to AGM’s award-winning team!